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belgrado KULA AderlaLocatelli

KULA Belgrade

AdermaLocatelli has joined ST Facade Technology in solving the anchor specification for the highest tower in Serbia – Kula Belgrade, in Belgrade.

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Diamante Tower Milan Cast in anchor channels

Diamante Tower

Aderma Locatelli used GP40/223 and GP50/301 anchor channels in the construction of Torre Diamante, a skyscraper situated in Milan’s Porta Nuova district.

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Banca sella ventilated facade

Banca Sella

AdermaLocatelli collaborated with the architects Francesco Bermond des Ambrois and Paolo Dellapiana to create the ventilated facade for the headquarters of Banca Sella.

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highly efficient housing fastenings for ventilated facades

GL Locatelli factory

The new industrial factory built by GL Locatelli in Turate, allowed the use of cutting- edge technologies for the production of industrial precast concrete. 

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Intesa san Paolo CIS skyscraper ventilated facade

Intesa san Paolo CIS

The anchoring of the slabs that make up the ventilated facades are retractable, this characteristic has been maintained in the cladding of the stairwells.

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Villa Boradjauk fastenings for ventilated facades

Villa Boradjauk

AdermaLocatelli has realized in collaboration with JStone a particular solution of ventilated facade in travertine for a private villa near Moscow.

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France Limoges CCRLIMO anchor channels


AdermaLocatelli offers a complete range of solutions for the lifting of prefabricated products. For this project, AdermaLocatelli used GP anchor channels and lifting anchors.

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anchor channels Milanofiori Assago Nestlé

Nestlé headquarter

AdermaLocatelli supplied its anchor channels to anchor the glass facades of the modern “Milanofiori U27” complex and Nestlé Italia headquarters.

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Haifa Tunnel AdermaLocatelli

Tunnel: Haifa

AdermaLocatelli cooperates with designers to ensure that the prefabricated concrete tunnel in Haiza contains the anchors for the installation of the system.

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H3G monorail access system

H3G Italia

AdermaLocatelli installed a monorail access system for the maintenance and cleaning of the glass and aluminium curtain walls of H3G headquarters buildings.

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Museum of 1900 suspended bmu platform

Museum of 1900

AdermaLocatelli Group designed and installed the access systems to the facades of the Arengario Palace in Milan, which houses the Museum of 1900.

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roof walkway facade access system

Roof Walkway

AdermaLocatelli Group created the walkway for the access to a glass skylight in Milan. The plant is moved by a manual trolley.

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porta vittoria anchor channels

Porta Vittoria

AdermaLocatelli has supplied its experience in the field of fastenings for ventilated facades for the realization of Porta Vittoria buildings, in Milan.

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Torre Isozaki anchor channels

Torre Isozaki

Torre Isozaki is the tallest building in Milan with its 50 floors, AdermaLocatelli dealt with the project by supplying PSA and TSE bars

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House of stone ventilated facade

House of Stone

The House of Stone was created to present the new Lithoverde, a material obtained from 99% recycled stone. AdermaLocatelli supplied its anchorage channels.

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Riyadh Arabia Saudita hotel anchor channel

Riyadh Hotel

The nine-storey hotel (in Riyadh) is designed as a prism-shaped tower, for this project AdermaLocatelli supplied GP anchor channels.

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GP Anchor channel ENI office Rome

New ENI offices

The primary objective of the renovation of ENI’s offices was the remake of the facades, AdermaLocatelli has guaranteed its experience by providing its anchor channels.

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