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HVAC Fixing

AdermaLocatelli cooperates with designers to ensure that the prefabricated concrete tunnel in Haifa (Israel) contains the anchors for the installation of the systems.


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Haifa, Israel


Suspension from concrete
Unigiunto Anchor Channel

Haifa Tunnel AdermaLocatelliHaifa Tunnel AdermaLocatelli
unigiunto anchor channel tunnel haifa israelunigiunto anchor channel tunnel haifa israel
Tunnel Haifa - anchors channelsTunnel Haifa - anchors channels
Tunnel Haifa - HVAC FIXINGTunnel Haifa - HVAC FIXING

project description

The installation of the sub-services tunnel makes it possible to lay the overlying pavement only once. The construction of the prefabricated tunnel in the urban area is a priority investment for cities that want to equip themselves with efficient infrastructure without wasting unnecessary resources.

The tunnel was built in modular pre-equipped and flexible sectors to house different services (fibres, cables, electricity, water, sewerage pipes).

The tunnels are equipped with access for maintenance workers and for maintenance vehicles.

AdermaLocatelli cooperated with designers to ensure that the prefabricated concrete tunnel contains the anchors for the installation of the systems, guaranteeing an installation without holes or dust.

Products supplied by AdermaLocatelli:

Anchor channel K1  41x41x2,5 center concentrated load 2,10 kN over linear meter
Anchor channel GP1Z GP cast in channel, light-duty rails: N=45kN, V=45 kN – depth h.53mm. safety Factor 13

products used for the project

For the realization of the project, AdermaLocatelli used products belonging to the following business lines: HVAC Fixing.
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Suspension from concrete anchor channels
HVAC Fixing

Suspension from concrete

Anchor channels can be used directly in concrete structures such as floor slabs, girders and pillars. The anchor channel in concrete supports large loads.

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