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Precast panel anchors - Concrete prefabrication systems

AdermaLocatelli offers a wide variety of anchors for precast concrete panels, this section includes several products for the connection of precast panels along the perimeter of the building:

  • Vertical panels,which rest on the perimeter beams of the building, are anchored at the top through the HGP, GP anchor channels or the GP Seismic connection, described here. The anchor channel is in vertical position at the top of the panel and another horizontal anchor channel is in the beam. The anchorage is completed by bolts and plates.
  • Horizontal panels are anchored at the top through steel boxes to the GP anchor channels, placed vertically, in the columns. The anchorage box is incorporated into the panel, so that there are no constraints that hinder the installation of the top panel.
  • Steel boxes are available for horizontal panels to link the upper part of the panel to the pillars. The anchorage box is incorporated into the panel, so that there are no constraints hindering installation of the upper panel.
  • 8 kN and 16 kN brackets for horizontal panels. The horizontal panel has its own weight, which cannot rest completely on the panel below. Anchorage of two or more panels with their weight resting on the panel below can be dangerous; if the bottom panel should break, the remaining panels will collapse one onto the other. In the event of an earthquake, shifting of the horizontal joint in the pillar panels would cause both panels and everything resting on them to collapse.
    ASP brackets allow the weight of the panel to be anchored onto the pillar. Anchorage is adjustable in three directions. ASP brackets have been used in Italy for many years, and have demonstrated great dependability despite earthquakes.
  • GL Locatelli created Link-Loc for the manufacture of heat-insulated sandwich panels. Link-Loc is a cylindrical stainless steel connector that is anchored onto the electro-welded reinforcement grid of the surface supported. The opposite end of Link-Loc is anchored to the electro-welded grid in the weight-bearing surface. Each connector has a lift of 1.5 sqm. The system is easy to use in production, and gives the panel sufficient flexibility, without forming cracks on its surface. Termo-Loc calculation software is available for designing the thermal capacity of panels made with Link-Loc. The software is certified as compliant with European regulations.
Anchoring for panels anchor channels


  • ASP30 with polystynere form
  • ASP40 with steel box
  • G2D with steel toothed box
  • SRZ15  with steel box
  • SR15  with steel box
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ASP Anchoring for panels have been used for the realization of several projects.
Several manufacturers of precast concrete panels in Italy, Spain and many other countries in Europe and Asia use these fastenings every day in their production.
Our technical office can help you to find the best solution for your production standard.

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