our certifications

AdermaLocatelli produces and designs products in compliance with European standards and regulations

Aderma s.r.l. and GL Locatelli s.r.l. are EN9001 certified.
GL Locatelli s.r.l. is Factory Production Control certified and EN1090 with exc3 for seismic application.
The company certifications are flanked by CE product certifications issued by the manufacturer or by ITC-CNR, in the case of the ETA certificate for anchorage channels.
The company has two laboratories for testing steel materials and ventilated facades.
The AdermaLocatelli Group participates in Italian and European research projects in collaboration with prestigious Italian universities.

Aderma-Locatelli Group certifications

aderma s.r.l. certifications

gl locatelli s.r.l. certifications

product certifications

ETA17/0869 CE Anchor channels

ETA22/0217  GPseismic