Suspension from concrete - fixings for implants

Suspension from concrete structures – GPK2 anchor channel

When designing a building, it is important to take advantage of all anchorage opportunities.
Many services will be installed after the building structure: HVAC, false ceilings, lights, security, signage.
GPK2 is the anchor channel to be cast into the concrete structure: floors, beams and pillars, serving the HVAC installation.

GPK2 is K2 Unigiunto channel reinforced with pins for concrete cast-in.

GPK2 is the K2 Unigiunto channel with only 20 mm thickness optimized for formwork installation.  

The HVAC installer will find the channel directly in the structure and will use the same accessories he uses in his common installation.

The advantages are: quick installation, health protection from dust and flexibility because it is possible to change the installation with the need to upgrade over the years.

The GL1 anchor channel is the alternative to the GPK2. GL1 is very easy and cheap for large-scale use in all ceilings.

Benefits of using GPK2 anchor channel

It keeps the construction site clean during installation and reduces dust formation. The GPK2 anchor channel makes installation faster than installation procedures requiring expansion bolts.

Design optimised using the BIM technique.

Suspension from concrete anchor channels
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Suspensions from concrete  have been used for the realization of several projects.
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