Couplers bar or construction joint rods - PSA and TSE couplet bars

Anchorage systems for concrete construction

PSA and TSE construction joint rods are the fastest way to join reinforcement steel rods in concrete casts.
PSA bars have a female tapped element at the end, while TSE bars have the threaded head.

How to install PSA and TSE bars?

Insert the PSA bar between the steel reinforcements before to do the first concrete cast, making sure the tapped head is perfectly in contact with the formworks. After the first cast, screw the TSE bar into the corresponding PSA bar and continue the steel reinforcement.

PSA and TSE construction joint rods are recommended for:

  • T and L concrete walls continuity
  • Resuming concrete casting of pillars
  • Resuming concrete casting of girders

PSA and TSE coupler bars are made of B500B steel according to the European standard for concrete reinforcement rods.

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PSA and TSE couplet bars have been used for the realization of several projects.
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