BMU (building maintenance unit)

Suspended platforms for buildings

AdermaLocatelli Group manufactures access systems for facades and roofs, in particular BMU platforms (building maintenance unit) that are ideal for solving accessibility needs for the maintenance and cleaning of areas not otherwise accessible.

Suspended platforms BMU features

All access systems installed by AdermaLocatelli Group are perfectly integrated into the structure of the building, without being too visible and leaving the architectural characteristics unchanged.

AdermaLocatelli systems are designed ad hoc for every building. Access systems essentially consist of three elements:

– a suspended platform BMU (“Building Maintenance Unit”) for one or two people (platforms for several people can also be created) which is moved on the facade and which integrates the motors inside for vertical translation;

 – A system for horizontal translation along the facade, which can be made with manual trolleys, electrified trolleys or roof machines;

 – A system of rails to which the translation carriages are tied. Rails that can be external to the facade or on the roof

The systems are CE marked and comply with UNI EN 1808 and machinery directives.

Suspended platforms BMU (building maintenance unit) facade access system
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OUR references

The product Suspended platforms BMU (building maintenance unit) has been used for the realization of several projects.
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H3G monorail access system

H3G Italia

AdermaLocatelli installed a monorail access system for the maintenance and cleaning of the glass and aluminium curtain walls of H3G headquarters buildings.

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Museum of 1900 suspended bmu platform

Museum of 1900

AdermaLocatelli Group designed and installed the access systems to the facades of the Arengario Palace in Milan, which houses the Museum of 1900.

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