Environmental Product Declaration
our global quality
TOWARDS green building

Our anchor channels are now EPD certified

Our overall quality concept also includes certification.

The design solution involving ventilated façades is already a sustainable choice in itself, as it reduces energy dispersion and consequently heating and air-conditioning costs. In addition, our anchor channels are produced using electricity self-generated by the photovoltaic system installed on the roof and façade of our production site. These choices give even more substance to our concepts of global quality and sustainability, which are also recognised by our certifications. With a green approach, which goes well with our constantly growing concept of value, we have worked to obtain EPD recognition for our anchor profiles for concrete, confirming AdermaLocatelli’s focus on sustainability issues in construction.

This path has been successfully undertaken also thanks to the collaboration with EPD Italy, the Italian Program Operator that is part of the European consortium present on the European portal EcoPlatform, with which we share the policy of total data transparency adopted exclusively by the Italian Authority.

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Accredia is a validating part of the process as it is the ‘Single National Accreditation Body’ designated by the Italian government, in application of European Regulation 765/2008, to certify the competence, independence and impartiality of certification, inspection and verification bodies, and testing and calibration laboratories.

Accredia is a recognised non-profit association operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development.” (source: accredia.it)


the epd certification process

We decided to embark on this path of sustainability because we are convinced of how important it is to make environmentally friendly business choices, even if they are challenging.

The environmental product certification (totally voluntary) required the in-depth analysis and calculation of the LCA Life Cycle Assesment, i.e. the assessment of the product life cycle with its environmental and health effects. An articulated process that follows a methodology indicated by the ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards.


Obtaining EPD Certification means being an even more qualified and reliable producer – and consequently supplier -, up-to-date with new production contexts and already aligned with industry standards, in a vision open to continuous improvement.

The construction sector is also incorporating the provisions dictating CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria), established by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, with a concrete effect: procurement under the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), will take EPD-certified suppliers, products and components into strong consideration.

Thanks to the environmental product declaration, we are able to:


Be compliant with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM Building)


Certify the percentage of recycled material in the materials used


Be eligible to participate in tenders issued by the PA


Obtaining credits for sustainability protocols: LEED and BREEAM

More points for green buildings: by choosing our certified components, you will not only be able to contribute concretely to the ‘green building transition’, but you will get a better score for the green building, with a positive impact on the whole building system.
Bosco verticale aderma locatelli

For the construction of the Bosco Verticale complex (Milan, project Boeri Studio), we supplied the anchoring system consisting of GP54/33 channel and V50/300 ETA-CE screw. 

adermalocatelli's products
epd certified

3 HGP Anchor Channels

Anchorage systems
for concrete structures

3 GP Anchor Channels

Fastening systems consisting of
profile and T-bolt

1 GPseismic Anchor Channel

Fixing system for prefabricated structures in seismic areas

environmental parameters

For each EPD-certified AdermaLocatelli product, 25 environmental parameters are declared. 
Here are the main ones:


Global Warming Potential (GWP) i.e. the warming potential understood as the 'contribution' to the greenhouse effect and consequently to the global warming phenomenon measured in kg CO2.


Abiotic Depletion Potential for Fossil Resource (ADPF) : the depletion potential of abiotic resources, i.e. land (soil and subsoil), rocks, water, air, all climatic factors etc. measured in MJ.


Acidification Potencial (AP) : the acidification potential of water and soil, measured in kg SO2.

adermalocatelli is responsive to esg criteria

AdermaLocatelli is oriented towards ESG and Taxonomy criteria and is ready to dialogue with all market components to promote the ecological transition of construction.

We are aware of the great change we are facing. We offer our expertise to realise energy-efficient ventilated façades. Facades can produce photovoltaic energy, we know how to design and realise them.