Sandwich panels


GL Locatelli offers Tquadro, the Dagma srl patented system aimed at easily creating high energy performance concrete sandwich panels without errors.

Tquadro includes two types of components:

  • Bearing SUPPORTS:
    A70 square tube 70×70 mm
    A80 square tube 80×80 mm

A70 and A80 work as shelves to support the loads transmitted by the external layer to the bearing layer.

     and L pins that work in tension to guarantee the union and perfect adhesion between the panel layers.
    All components have a structural function and are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
    Stainless steel ensures:
    • Low conductivity
    • Excellent ductility
    • High corrosion resistance
    • Resistance to low temperatures

Tquadro components are produced with batch traceability.
Tquadro allows the production of concrete sandwich panels with thermal insulation included; heat bridges are limited and already considered in the calculation. The lack of damages due to dilations/shrinking, induced by the heat difference between the inner and outer layers, are the demonstration of the excellent work Tquadro performs inside the panel.
In order to hinder dilations/shrinking, AS ABSORBERS are foreseen, to be used only if the calculation require them in combination to the A70 SUPPORT.

Tquadro system is completed with the PLT SEPARATOR that regulates the distance between the L PERIMETRAL PINS, holding them in position and securing them to the electro-welded mesh, using clips.
The FF PERIMETRAL PIN is easy to position.

Tquadro installation does not require weld spots that locally alter the steel properties, generating points susceptible to corrosion.

Sandwich panels concrete prefabrication system
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