Tested Solutions for Precast Concrete Elements

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Precast concrete systems

Precast concrete systems are the best solution to realize new buildings in a very short time.  The modern construction system with prefabricated concrete system guaranties quality and competitive building costs. AdermaLocatelli produces concrete anchoring systems to realize innovative projects all over the world.

Earthquakes have tested the italian experience in concrete panel support system, safety is the first necessity in precast panel anchor. We leave the design to the architect and we guarantee the fixing and the safety of the precast concrete elements for a long time.

The prefabricated concrete manufactures allowed to realize architectonical building from the architects Herzog & De Meuron for Feltrinelli foundation.

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precast concrete systems - benefits

Concrete anchoring systems are used to transform many pieces of concrete into a single building.

The prefabricated system is a quick solution and allows any type of building to be built in a short time, even in difficult environments.

concrete anchoring systems - FIELDS OF APPLICATION

The most common precast concrete buildings in Italy are shopping centres, logistics buildings and factories.

An innovative hotel brand has chosen to invest in prefabricated concrete modules to build hotels around the world. Many apartment buildings in London and Northern Europe are made from prefabricated concrete products.

France Limoges CCRLIMO anchor channels
certifications adermalocatelli

precast concrete systems - CERTIFICATIONS

Concrete anchorage systems (fixing and lifting products) follow different European standards. Lifting anchors are identified with the CE mark of the construction machine standard. The fixing of sandwich panels and precast connections must only be produced by EN9001 and EN1090. It is also possible to choose the ETA-CE standards.

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precast concrete systems - PRODUCTS

lifting sockets
Precast Concrete Structure

Lifting sockets

Lifting sockets provide simple lifting for precast concrete units, particularly when casting into thin concrete panels.

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lifting erection anchors
Precast Concrete Structure

Lifting erection anchors

AdermaLocatelli offers erection anchors to tilt up or edge lifting precast concrete panel. The erection anchor is used to erect and turn precast units in both directions.

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Lifting anchors

AdermaLocatelli offers two different solutions for lifting and transporting pre-cast concrete elements. Discover our product lines for lifting anchors.

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ASP brackets for panels
Precast Concrete Structure

ASP brackets

ASP brackets for panels are extremely secure and well-tested . They permit accurate regulation of the panel on the pillar position.

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Sandwich panels concrete prefabrication system
Precast Concrete Structure

Sandwich panels

GL Locatelli offers Tquadro, the system patented by Dagma srl to easily create high energy performance concrete sandwich panels without errors.

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precast CONCRETE structure - references

France Limoges CCRLIMO anchor channels

CCRLIMO Limoges – France

AdermaLocatelli offers a complete range of solutions for the lifting of prefabricated products. For this project, AdermaLocatelli used GP anchor channels and lifting anchors.

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