Lifting anchors

Steel lifting anchors for concrete manufactures - Concrete precast systems

GL Locatelli offers several solutions for lifting and transporting pre-cast concrete elements. Discover our product lines of T lifting anchors:

  • GL-ANCHOR is the T-lifting line of GL Locatelli. The products are made of a special high strength steel.
    Our T-lifting anchor has all the details printed on the anchor head.
    GL-ANCHOR lifting anchors carry from 25 kN to 200 kN products per load capacity. This feature permits, for instance, the usage for both vertical lifting and lifting at angles of up to 45° with the same weight-bearing capacity, printed on their head. 
    Benefits: GL-ANCHOR lifting anchors allow operators to work in greater safety, reducing the impact of errors in handling which could otherwise have serious consequences for both people and equipment.
    GL-ANCHOR is a CE marked product

GL Locatelli pays great attention in the production of its products and recommends users to pay the same care in the use and handling of the products and not to underestimate the risks related to the handling of concrete products. In particular, workers should never be under or in the immediate vicinity of suspended loads.

lifting anchors
gl locatelli lifting anchors
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The product Lifting Anchors has been used for the realization of several projects.
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