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Solutions for thermo-hydraulic and electrical installations

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HVAC Fixings

HVAC fixing are fixings for thermo-hydraulic and electrical installation. The fixings use steel anchor channels for installation that reduce the dowels quantity.

Fewer dowels require fewer holes, so installation will be faster and the environment cleaner.

Fixings for plants are widely used in thermohydraulic installations, but are practical in many other cases of system installation.

Suspension from steel structures

hvac fixingS - benefits

  • Less quantity of holes
  • Quick installation
  • Clean environment
  • Three-axis adjustment
  • Over time
  • Series of large accessories

anchor channels for installations - FIELDS OF APPLICATION

Fixings for plants are used in: carparks

  • public buildings
  • hospitals
  • HVAC tulles
  • infostructures
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Fixings for thermo-hydraulic installation and electrical installation have CE mark released from EN1090 company certify.

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hvac fixingS - PRODUCTS

Suspension from concrete anchor channels
HVAC Fixing

Suspension from concrete

Anchor channels can be used directly in concrete structures such as floor slabs, girders and pillars. The anchor channel in concrete supports large loads.

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hvac fixingS - references

A lot of installers, little and bigger, use Unigiunto HVAC fixings in many building yards in Milan and in north Italy every days. Top quality and good service are the Unigiunto characteristics.