office building - 26, Gioia Street - Milan, italy

cast-in anchor channels - HVAC Fixing - fastenings for ventilated facades

AdermaLocatelli used its own anchor channels for the realization of the General Electric headquarters.


General Electric - Colombo Costruzioni




Milan, Italy


Facade Anchoring System - S Series
Facade Anchoring System - KB Series
Unigiunto Anchor Channel

Ventilated facades General ElectricVentilated facades General Electric
Adermalocatelli ventilated facades general electricAdermalocatelli ventilated facades general electric
Anchor profile ventilated facade general electricAnchor profile ventilated facade general electric
Facade General ElectricFacade General Electric
General Electric AdermaGeneral Electric Aderma
General Electric AdermaLocatelliGeneral Electric AdermaLocatelli
General Electric anchor channelsGeneral Electric anchor channels
general electric facade aderma locatelligeneral electric facade aderma locatelli
General Electric fastenings for ventilated facadesGeneral Electric fastenings for ventilated facades
General Electric ventilated facadesGeneral Electric ventilated facades
Generale Electric anchor channelsGenerale Electric anchor channels

project description

The ventilated facade is made with fine-grained tecnoceppo slabs, the peculiarity of this project are the parts of the sloping facade under the windows of the tower and above the openings of the ground floor windows.

To support the slabs in these areas, special plates of variable length have been designed to obtain the desired inclination.

For the construction of the entrance portal, complex-shaped pre-assembled slabs were designed to achieve the mass effect desired by the designer.

On the same site we made the lining of the lobby in acid-etched concrete using the KB series as an anchoring system.

The Unigiunto system was used to suspend the plants.

products used for the project

For the realization of the project, AdermaLocatelli used products belonging to the following business lines: HVAC fixing, fastenings for ventilated facadesFind out more!

fastenings for ventilated facades series kb
Fastenings for ventilated facades

Anchoring system – KB Series

The anchoring system Series KB is totally made of steel: galvanized or stainless. IT is the best solution for ventilated facade with heavy cladding panels

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