cast-in anchor channels

Anchor Channels for Concrete


Cast-in Anchor Channels

The long experience in concrete constructions make cast-in anchor channels products extremely safe and durable.

Anchorage channels are the most advanced and safe technique for fastening elements to concrete structures in the building.

The anchorage systems for concrete construction resolve multiple fixing cases, not only those related to extreme loads.

Designers consider the concrete anchoring into the structure BIM drawings following the fixing needs related to curtainwall, balconies, elevators and HVAC.

Anchor channels are installed in the formwork by steel reinforcement profilers. Installation is quick and follows the instructions in the dimensional drawing. This activity is very important.

The anchor channel appears so a evident line into concrete surface. It is very easy now, for all installers with different experiences, to realise the various fixings needed, using anchor bolts or standard threaded bars.

Now the site fixings are easy. They do not damage the concrete, they do not require special time and capacity. Each fastening is on three axes of regulation.

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anchorage systems for concrete construction - benefits

It has been demonstrated that anchorage channels are the best tools for executing anchoring concrete structures. The use of anchorage channels in the construction site simplifies work, reduce installation time and guarantee precise and smooth operations.

  • Easy loads calculation with dedicated software GP Anchor calculation
  • BIM plugin and details drawings
  • Engineering consultant specify for concrete engineering application
  • No hole into the concrete
  • Clean and health environment
  • Possibility to adjust on three axes (3D)

cast-in anchor channels - FIELDS OF APPLICATION

Cast-in anchor channels are using in concrete construction to installed curtainwalls facades of office buildings, hospitals, schools

Anchorage channels are also using to installed lifts in buildings and skyscrapers.  

A lot of quantity of concrete anchoring is used in commercial centres HVAC installation.

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eota certifications
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anchorage channels - CERTIFICATIONS

Anchorage systems for concrete construction are certify in Europe through EOTA institute.  EOTA brings together all the technical construction delegations from 26 European countries.

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GL Locatelli products are CE mark  from ETA 17/0869 (ETA is more detailed than DIN).

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cast-in anchor channels - PRODUCTS

HGP Anchor Channel cast in anchor channel
Cast In Anchor Channels

HGP Anchor Channel

The innovative HGP Smart Anchor Channels is a new generation of anchorage system replacing conventional hot laminated channels and improving performance.

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bim gp anchor channels
Cast In Anchor Channels

GP Anchor Channel

GP anchor channels are conventional anchorage systems composed of an anchor channel with T-bolt. GP anchor channels are extremely safe and durable.

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cast-in anchor channels - references

belgrado KULA AderlaLocatelli

KULA Belgrade

AdermaLocatelli has joined ST Facade Technology in solving the anchor specification for the highest tower in Serbia – Kula Belgrade, in Belgrade.

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Diamante Tower Milan Cast in anchor channels

Diamante Tower

Aderma Locatelli used GP40/223 and GP50/301 anchor channels in the construction of Torre Diamante, a skyscraper situated in Milan’s Porta Nuova district.

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France Limoges CCRLIMO anchor channels


AdermaLocatelli offers a complete range of solutions for the lifting of prefabricated products. For this project, AdermaLocatelli used GP anchor channels and lifting anchors.

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anchor channels Milanofiori Assago Nestlé

Nestlé headquarter

AdermaLocatelli supplied its anchor channels to anchor the glass facades of the modern “Milanofiori U27” complex and Nestlé Italia headquarters.

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Torre Isozaki anchor channels

Torre Isozaki

Torre Isozaki is the tallest building in Milan with its 50 floors, AdermaLocatelli dealt with the project by supplying PSA and TSE bars

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Riyadh Arabia Saudita hotel anchor channel

Riyadh Hotel

The nine-storey hotel (in Riyadh) is designed as a prism-shaped tower, for this project AdermaLocatelli supplied GP anchor channels.

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GP Anchor channel ENI office Rome

New ENI offices

The primary objective of the renovation of ENI’s offices was the remake of the facades, AdermaLocatelli has guaranteed its experience by providing its anchor channels.

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