Bocconi university Residencial - Milan, Italy

cast-in Anchor channels

AdermaLocatelli created the anchorage system for the student residencial at Bocconi University, the project was under the direction of Costa Zanibelli Associati.


Bocconi University




Via Castiglioni, Milan


GP Anchor Channel
PSA and TSE couplet bars

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University Residence Bocconi   PSA and TSEUniversity Residence Bocconi   PSA and TSE
bocconi universitybocconi university

project description

The structural project was carried out by “Studio di Ingegneria Pereira” of Milan. The curved shapes of the building required special solutions that AdermaLocatelli was able to realize thanks to its expertise in concrete anchors and its flexibility. AdermaLocatelli used GP54/33 anchor channels, always in compliance with ETA-CE certification.
In addition to the GP anchor channel, PSA and TSE bars have been used for the recovery of reinforcement in concrete castings.

products used for the project

For the realization of the project, AdermaLocatelli used products belonging to the following business line: Cast-in anchor channels. 
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bim gp anchor channels
Cast In Anchor Channels

GP Anchor Channel

GP anchor channels are conventional anchorage systems composed of an anchor channel with T-bolt. GP anchor channels are extremely safe and durable.

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