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Access Systems for Cleaning and Maintainance of Facades

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Facade Access Systems

AdermaLocatelli designs and installs facade access system to clean and maintain facades and glass roofs.

Our facade access solutions are well designed solutions, they are created with experienced engineers and built with the best components.

AdermaLocacatelli suspended and fixed facade access systems are based on suspended platforms (BMU, Building maintenance unit), monorails, roof cars, roof cranes, gantries and ladders.  Rampant versions are also available.

The facade access system can be installed outside the building but also inside to allow access for maintenance to the glazed roof, atrium, internal courts.

Suspended and fixed facade access systems are installed on facades where other types of systems, such as hydraulic platforms, cannot be used. 

The use of a facade access system is the only way to do a safe work.

Partner of AdermaLocatelli are Rostek Oy and Cox Gomyl

We get where others can’t!

Suspended platforms BMU (building maintenance unit) facade access system

facade access systems - benefits

AdermaLocatelli facade access system have several benefits:

  • products are lightweight, all systems are made in aluminum
  • access system tailored to the customer’s request, AdermaLocatelli’s design team follows the project from the beginning and helps the architect to find the best solution for maintenance
  • wide range of product to solve all cases
  • architecturally integrated, our system is designed to be as invisible as possible
  • safe, high quality in production and EC market according UNI EN 1808
  • easy to use

facade access systems - FIELDS OF APPLICATION

AdermaLocatelli facade access systems are used in all types of buildings: skyscrapers, office buildings, hospitals, airports, shopping centres.

The access systems to the facade can also be installed for its cleaning and maintenance: green walls, photovoltaic walls and roof, glazed roofs, glass domes, glazed galleries.

Gantries and ladders
certifications adermalocatelli

suspended and fixed facade access systems - CERTIFICATIONS

AdermaLocatelli products are CE marked according to UNI EN 1808.

Moreover our activity of design and installation is quality certified according  UNI EN ISO 9001.

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facade access systems - PRODUCTS

Gantries and ladders
Facade access systems

Gantries and ladders

AdermaLocatelli manufactures access systems for facades and roofs, particularly gantries and ladders that are ideal for solving accessibility needs.

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facade access systems - references

roof walkway facade access system

Roof Walkway

AdermaLocatelli Group created the walkway for the access to a glass skylight in Milan. The plant is moved by a manual trolley.

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