residential building - Zurich, switzerland

fastenings for ventilated facades

Aderma realized the ventilated facades of a residential building in Thalwil on Lake Zurich.

Aderma took care of the realization of the ventilated facade in grolla marble slabs with two different finishes, the slabs corresponding to the floors are lighter to highlight the string course.






Thalwil (Zurigo) Switzerland -Suisse


Anchoring System - Series S

Ventilated facades adermalocatelli SwitzerlandVentilated facades adermalocatelli Switzerland
ventilated facades Thalwilventilated facades Thalwil
Ventilated facades Residential building in ThalwilVentilated facades Residential building in Thalwil
Fastenings for ventilated facades in ThalwilFastenings for ventilated facades in Thalwil
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Switzerland ventilated facadesSwitzerland ventilated facades
Residential building in ThalwilResidential building in Thalwil

project description

To create this facade, special load-bearing plates have been designed to allow the insertion of a thermal insulation in high-density rock wool 20 cm thick.

A special fixing system has been designed for the construction of external stone boxes for sunshade systems on large windows overlooking the lake with more than 7 meters wide.

products used for the project

For the realization of the project, AdermaLocatelli used products belonging to the following business lines: Fastenings for ventilated facades.
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