banca sella - Biella, Italy

fastenings for ventilated facades

AdermaLocatelli collaborated with the architects Francesco Bermond des Ambrois and Paolo Dellapiana to create the ventilated facade for the headquarters of Banca Sella.


Banca Sella - Colombo Costruzioni




Biella, Italy


Sunscreen Anchoring System - Series GL Brick

Banca sella ventilated facadeBanca sella ventilated facade
banca sella 1banca sella 1
banca sella 2banca sella 2
banca sella 3banca sella 3

project description

Two products were mainly used for the construction of this facade:

  • The GL Brick bricks support system specifically designed for the realization of ceilings with visible fixing.
  • For the support structure of the extruded terracotta sunshades, a special aluminum system was designed and produced for the front insertion of horizontal elements with variable distance.
products used for the project

For the realization of the project, AdermaLocatelli used products belonging to the following business lines: Fastenings for ventilated facades.
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fastenings for ventilated facades Anchoring system Series GL brick
Fastenings for ventilated facades

GL Brick

GL Brick is an anchorage system for the construction of ventilated facades with bricks.

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