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HGP anchors for concrete innovation for high shear loads near the pour edge.
Anchors for ventilated facades
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Turnkey service from the project to the façade, each phase is managed and coordinated for an excellent result.
Ventilated facades

Anchors and fixings for facades, buildings and systems

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BIM families, supply specifications, catalogues and details, calculation software: all the tools you need for easy design based on correct information. Our technical office is entirely at your disposal.

Ventilated façades

The AdermaLocatelli Group supplies turnkey ventilated façades, guaranteeing the utmost insulation and energy savings in both summer and winter. Ventilated façades reduce noise levels and eliminate infiltration risk. Implementations all over the world.

Anchorage systems for construction

The AdermaLocatelli Group produces anchor channels, plates and anchorage systems made of steel and stainless steel for construction sites and industrial prefabrication of concrete manufactures. Products comply with European legislation.Specialised technical consulting services on the details and size of anchors.

Anchorage systems for installations

The AdermaLocatelli Group produces steel brackets for installation of thermo-technical and electrical installations. 
EC products, large warehouse of ready-to-use products, rapid, prompt service. Production of custom-designed anchorage systems. Anchors for application to steel structures.