general sales conditions

Sales conditions 2020 GL LOCATELLI 22/4/2020

  • Orders taken by the company are written on this document, Order GL The Order is perfected when it is signed and / or sealed by the Customer.
  • Delivery times are indicative, the goods can be loaded in 22078 Turate (CO) Italy, FCA Incoterms © 2020
  • GL Locatelli works in compliance with the agreed delivery No damage is recognized for delays.
  • The customer undertakes to collect the goods when he receives the packing list or a notification from the In case of non−collection, after 1 week, the goods will be invoiced or relocated at the discretion of the company.
  • The customer is responsible for the goods during If the customer receives the damaged packaging must write “goods accepted under reserve” on the proper delivery document, and inform immediately the seller. The delivery date of the goods at destination is always indicative.
  • Any complaints must be made in writing within the peremptory term of 5 days from receipt of the The Customer undertakes to check the goods received and their compliance with the order.
  • GL Locatelli does not accept returned GL Locatelli assists the customer by offering technical support before defining the Order so that the choice of items is correct, any errors or changes of the order will be charged.
  • The payments follow the European directive 2011/7 / EU − IT, 192 in GUn.267 of 11/15/2012, of 30 invoice date. Different conditions, if granted to the Customer, are written in the order.
  • In case of non−payment, GL Locatelli reserves the right to stop all deliveries, modify all payment conditions previously accepted, suspend orders already accepted, ask for the full compensation with interest. Failure to comply with the agreed payments is a serious damage for the company and its workers.
  • Failure to pay an installment authorizes GL Locatelli to assign the entire credit to a third party.
  • GL Locatelli is the owner of the goods until full payment of the entire The client assumes responsibility for the goods from the loading on the first carrier and takes ownership only after have made the payment.
  • The Customer undertakes to notify GL Locatelli immediately, within 24 hours, of any seizure, attachment or other act that could damage the company’s rights on the goods indicated in the order.
  • At the order, the customer has to justify exemptions or special conditions of VAT.
  • This Purchase Order is stipulated under the Italian law, jurisdiction of Milan.
  • If any of the points of this contract are not recognized in court, all the others points will remain valid.