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AdermaLocatelli Group

Virtual tour of GL Locatelli production plant

Aderma was established in 2000 out of a GL Locatelli division. Aderma specialises in the design and production of turnkey ventilated façades. Aderma’s installations are in Italy, but the company is increasingly travelling to construction sites abroad with its Italian partners.

GL Locatelli produces and designs steel and stainless steel anchorage systems for concrete construction, prefabrication, installation of thermo-technical and electrical installations and, last but not least, ventilated façades.  GL Locatelli was one of the first construction firms to obtain EN9001 certification, in 1992.

Aderma and GL Locatelli share their technical “know-how” and “on-site know-how”, offering solutions which are simple but precise, effective, sustainable and competitive.  The two companies take care of all the technical details, offering architects proven solutions, from design to turnkey construction, offering decades of experience for customers requiring long-lasting solutions

The AdermaLocatelli Group is aware of the importance of the environment and promotes use of sustainable solutions for cladding with ventilated façades and in its product design and strategy.  In 2017 GL Locatelli became the first company in the world to offer a high performance anchorage system made using a “cold” production process. The HGP Smart Anchor obtained ETA certification with performance similar to or better than that of conventional hot laminated channels.  AdermaLocatelli’s electricity requirements are fulfilled by 90% photovoltaic energy.

The first tests on GL Locatelli anchorage channels were conducted in 1970 in the Materials Testing laboratories at Politecnico di Milano. In the photo on the right, Giuseppe Locatelli, owner of GL Locatelli s.r.l., Giorgio Mazzon, sales, and Davide Moneta, first shop foreman.

GL anchorage channels – 1972 first participation in the SAIE trade fair in Bologna. SAIE in Bologna was Italy’s most important construction trade fair throughout the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. GL Locatelli participated in SAIE until 2005.

SAIE 1979 In the centre, with beard, is Giuseppe Locatelli; on the right, the Italian Labour Minister.