Seismic tests of prefabricated concrete panels

AdermaLocatelli promotes seismic research, which is why it has invested in the 1: 1 scale seismic test of a prefabricated concrete panel (2.5 x 7.0 x 0.3 m).

The prefabricated panel was made with a thermal break using the TQUADRO system. It was produced following the Italian market standards, and anchored with seismic GP to the beam of the ITC-CNR test machine.

The research project requested the application to the prefabricated panel of the accelerogram registered in the school of Norcia on 30/10/2016. The seismic shock, which brought down the Basilica of Norcia, was one of the most important and devastating earthquakes in Italy.

The result of the seismic test was so positive that the test was repeated several times increasing the accelerogram up to 175% of the power recorded at Norcia. GP seismic anchor has not suffered deformations, demonstrating the validity of the anchoring system.

The research was conducted at the highest scientific levels thanks to the expertise of ITC-CNR in the seismic field and to the co-financing of the Lombardy Region.

Today AdermaLocatelli further credits the seismic GP anchorage proposed to the Italian market for the production of prefabricated concrete structures to be realized in seismic area, and initiate the drafting of a new EAD for the CE marking of the product.