Unigiunto anchor channels and accessories

Unigiunto anchor channels and accessories

Channels for thermo-technical and electrical installations

The Unigiunto system includes steel anchor channels measuring 41×41 mm and other sizes with accessories. Unigiunto anchor channels are C-shaped steel sections with parallel inner edges which may be smooth or toothed to prevent sliding during vertical use. Unigiunto anchor channels may be supplied with a solid or slotted top surface; they are made of sendzimir galvanised steel, hot galvanised steel or stainless steel, and are all CE approved.  The Unigiunto line includes brackets, plates, and nuts and bolts specially designed for rapid coupling with sections.

The Unigiunto line makes it easy to install thermo-hydraulic installations and electrical installations.  Unigiunto permits construction of lightweight structural steelworks for distribution of utility installations in production plants. Unigiunto is used in white rooms. Unigiunto sections are frequently used for the distribution of utilities in supermarket and shopping mall parking lots.






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