Suspension from concrete

Suspension from concrete

Suspension from concrete structures

It is important to take advantage of all anchorage opportunities when designing a building.  When identifying the position of plant distribution anchor channels, GPK2 can be used directly in concrete structures such as floor slabs, girders and pillars.  GPK2 is a Unigiunto anchor channel only 20 mm thick.  GPK2 is an anchor channel intended for installations and optimised for use in concrete. The anchor channel’s small sizes make it perfect for concrete slabs of all thicknesses, as it falls within the minimum thickness for covering reinforcement rods. The GPK2 anchor channel replaces the 41 mm high K1 anchor channel, saving with a anchor channel of reduced height and saving the need for holes and expansion bolts which were required to apply the K1 anchor channel to surfaces.

The GPK2 anchor channel in concrete supports large loads and does not bend and generate camber, as is naturally the case of K anchor channels. It keeps the construction site clean during installation and reduces dust formation. The GPK2 anchor channel makes installation much faster than installation procedures requiring expansion bolts.

Design optimised using the BIM technique.


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