Lifting anchors

Lifting anchors

Steel lifting anchors for concrete manufactures.

GL Locatelli offers two different product lines:

1- GL-ANCHOR lifting anchors are made of E360 steel for loads of 25 kN to 100 kN. The line of GL-ANCHOR lifting anchors classifies products by load-bearing capacity, but offers engineers a particularly high safety coefficient. This feature permits, for instance, use of GL-ANCHOR lifting anchors for both vertical lifting and lifting at angles of up to 45° with the same weight-bearing capacity, printed on their head. The 50 kN anchor is suitable for both vertical lifting and inclined lifting up to 50 kN. In production, GL-ANCHOR lifting anchors allow operators to work in greater safety, reducing the impact of errors in handling which could otherwise have serious consequences for both people and equipment.  GL-ANCHOR is a CE marked product

2- Conventional lifting anchors are made of ST52.3 steel for loads ranging from 13 kN to 450 kN. Conventional lifting anchors are also available in a variety of different lengths and types and permit lifting and movement of concrete manufactures of all kinds.

GL Locatelli takes great care in the production of its products and recommends that users take the same care in use and movement of manufactures and not underestimate the risks involved in handling concrete manufactures. In particular, workers should never stand underneath or in the immediate vicinity of suspended loads.