GPseismic anchor channels

GPseismic anchor channels

The GPSeismic anchorage system permits anchorage of prefabricated structures in areas subject to seismic action.

GPSeismic guarantees that the components of the concrete construction can shift in relation to one another in reaction to the loads and shifts of an earthquake.

The anchorage system is inspired by the study of the effects of the earthquake in Emilia in 2012, when prefabricated concrete girders were shifted from their original position by several centimetres. The GPseismic anchorage system permits movement in two directions and allows the girder to take on a different position from the vertical panel. The GPseismic fixing system has been studied with static tests and cyclic tests to determine its real behaviour.

Gp siesmic post-installable channel.

If you need to install GPsiesmic on an existing concrete beam, or if the Gp siesmic channel is in a position that cannot be used for anchoring, you can use post-installable channel.

It measures 400x120x10 mm and allows to install the GPsismic profile using mechanical plugs.


This channel has 8 slots 13×30 mm, 4 slots on each side, in order to permit an easier installation by choosing the position on the slots.To ensure the functionality of the anchor it is necessary to fix 3 dowels on each side.The 6 mechanical anchors TCM2-1225/100 of M12x100 to be used with holes Ø12 depth 75 mm are supplied in the kit together with the plate.