GP anchor channels

GP anchor channels

Anchorage channels have been demonstrated to be a dependable way of anchoring concrete structures. Use of anchorage channels on the construction site simplifies work, reducing installation time and guaranteeing precise, clean operations.  Products are ETA CE certified according to European standard ETA 17/0869.

Conventional anchorage system composed of anchor channel with T-bolt

  • Anchor bolts for use with the anchor channel
  • Tensile Strength Certificate kN
  • Shear Load Certificate kN
  • Fire performance
  • Adjustable anchorage
  • Dust-free working environment
  • Rapid installation
  • GPAnchor Calculation Software
  • BIM plug-ins available
  • European certificate ETA 17/0869 dated 30/11/2017
  • Product ETA CE certified in 2012
  • Certificate valid only for the GL Locatelli Channel+Bolt combination

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