ASP brackets

ASP brackets

ASP bracket for prefabricated concrete horizontal panels

ASP brackets for panels are extremely secure and well-tested as they have been in use in Italy for more than 30 years.

Panel brackets are made with weight-bearing capacities of 16 kN and 8 kN. ASP brackets for panels permit accurate regulation of the position of the panel on the pillar.

ASP brackets are regulated without the panel to protect the operator’s safety. The anchorage system is composed of two galvanised sheet metal boxes to be positioned in the prefabricated concrete column or pillar and in the panel. The boxes must be positioned with care to ensure that the regulation permitted by the anchorage system is used at the construction site. The boxes permit simple production of concrete manufactures without overhangs to protect their integrity during shipping.

ASP die cast steel brackets are used on the construction site and permit all forms of regulation. Following regulation, the prefabricated concrete panel is installed, ensuring that the anchorage system is completely protected against fire.

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