Anchoring system Series C

Anchoring system Series C

This anchoring system is made of steel (galvanized or stainless) for the vertical mullions and aluminum for the horizontal profiles and brackets.

The horizontal profiles type C are produced in aluminum EN AW 6060 T6. They are also available in two different colours, natural grey or anodized black.

The vertical mullions are available in three different types and dimensions according to the project and the static calculation. It’s also available a version with aluminum vertical mullions.

In order to use this anchoring system, it is necessary to connect some special cladding brackets on the back side of the panel. The brackets are especially designed to allow the millimetre alignment of each cladding panel.

This anchoring system is the best solution for ventilated façade with thin cladding panels and with big dimensions in which it is possible to insert the special dowels on the back.