ENG. Orsola Coppola presented the scientific research and obtained great appreciation in SPONSE workshop.

The research entitled “The seismic behaviour of a kit for the connection of precast concrete elements to concrete structures” has been presented in the Seismic Performance commission of Building Utility and Contents chaired by J. Boisvert and C. Tokas at SPONSE 22 May 2019
Delegates from 15 countries including California, Canada, China and Korea attended in SPONSE 2019

SPONSE is the international scientific network of experts that share the solutions to reduce the damages of seismic risk in buildings. Most of the damages caused by an earthquake to things and people are due to the fall of false ceilings, movable walls, suspended installations, hub servers, cabinets, shelves, all non-structural elements. Facades and prefabricated concrete panels are into category of non-structural elements.

We witnessed the collapse of numerous prefabricated concrete panels in Emilia earthquake on 2012. ITC-CNR and Polytechnic of Milan conduced practical research, they highlighted the validity of the GP Seismic fixing also subjected to the accelerogram recorded in Norcia in 2016 earthquake.

The GP seismic anchorage permitted to the structure movement from the panel, guaranteeing the integrity of the building.  Subjected to the solicitations of the earthquake GP, it was not brokenthe deformations occurred on the components that can be replaced after the earthquake. GP Seismic is an innovative anchor and its operation has been demonstrated and appreciated by the academic world of SPONSE. GP Sismico has been produced and sold by AdermaLocatelli since 2013 but only in 2018 was possible to test it and find the excellent behavior of the anchor.