Company Aderma

Aderma was founded in 1999 by GL Locatelli to specialise in the
design and construction of ventilated façades.

Aderma supplies a number of services:



Consulting in the design phase.

Structural calculation and preparation of executive plans.

Turnkey supply of ventilated façade packages.

Supply of anchorage systems.

Project management services.

Maintenance, static inspection and cleaning of ventilated façades.

Conversion of ventilated façades.

Design and installation of permanent access systems for façades.

In-depth knowledge of all the best external cladding materials allows Aderma to advise architects on how to achieve their technical and architectural goals while planning appropriate use of their budget.

Aderma’s in-house engineering team performs structural calculations for ventilated façades in compliance with Italian and European standards; preparation of all executive projects; and specifications for the production of cladding and preparation of installation instructions.

In addition to design, Aderma can supply structural anchorage elements, thermal insulation panels, cladding slabs and installation services with a “turnkey” formula offering a complete guarantee of the finished product.

The entire process complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Aderma possesses SOA attestation in category OS18b.

Aderma can supply anchorage systems with a variety of different solutions responding to all the demands of the market.

– Supply of individual components of the anchorage system selected from the Aderma catalogue.
– Supply of individual components of the anchorage system on the basis of a list specifically prepared by the company’s in-house engineering service in response to the customer’s specifications.
– Supply of anchorage systems for ventilated façades on the basis of the company’s own executive plans, charged by the square metre.

With twenty years of specific experience in the sector, Aderma supplies project management services in the following areas:

– Construction site planning.
– Product quality control, compliance with various regulations and verification of compliance with specifications and guidelines.
– Training of the customer’s laying teams.

Aderma has developed a protocol for maintenance of ventilated façades including:

– Verification of static security.
– Verification of maintenance of thermal insulation performance.
– Cleaning of cladding.

The service is performed on Aderma and other ventilated façades.

When a ventilated façade no longer guarantees its original static security or technical performance, due to obsolescence or an initial fault in its construction, it becomes necessary to convert the façade.

Aderma can advise the owner of the façade of the best intervention strategies to adjust the performance of the cladding

Under a partnership with Rostek, Aderma designs and constructs permanent access systems for cleaning and maintenance of:

– Continuous façades.
– Ventilated façades.
– Glass roofs.
– Photovoltaic walls or roofs.

The system may involve use of motor-driven building maintenance units (BMU) or stairways and walkways, either manual or motor-driven.