Ventilated facades to be redone

Aderma is increasingly found to intervene on ventilated facades made by others, facades that are only a few years old but have serious problems. They are attributable to the executive design and/or installation work.

Ventilated façade realize with badly designed or poorly constructed becomes dangerous and energy inefficient. 

The ventilated façade is an excellent product, they allows a great design choice, they protects the building from seepage, they keeps the insulation dry, they offers optimal comfort in winter and summer seasons, they reduce costs fro heating and air conditioning and they requires no special maintenance; they are an excellent interface for Green Cities but …… MUST BE REALIZED from professionals and competent companies.

We advise all operators (investors, real estate, designers and construction companies) to entrust this work only to specialized and referenced companies to avoid running into such problems. Residential building Via Don Gnocchi Milan Italy, April 2019